About Us

An Elevated Experience

Today’s Caribbean patron is unlike any other. Adventurous, authentic and with a palate for the refined, this consumer seeks cuisine with a decadent flare. Suede elegantly fuses all aspects of traditional taste and modern elegance to create a one-of-a kind dining experience. Our flavorful dishes are more than a meal, they are an extension of the Caribbean lifestyle.

Drinks & Decor

Our beverage program is based on our library of more than 100 crafted Caribbean rum flavors that engage the taste buds and imagination. We take your tastebuds on tropical vacation with every delightful sip. In a word, our decor is unmatched. Come in and experience a confluence of rustic artistry effortlessly fused with styles inspired by European and Egyptian splendor.

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5610 Clarendon Rd., Cnr E 56th ST Brooklyn, NY 11203

Hours of Operation

Mon - Thu: 5PM to 1AM
Fri - Sun : 11AM to 2AM